Let’s All go to the Liberry!

No, not library, liberry!

The boys discover a few more of their pet pieves. Mike is in rare form as he shares with us a variety of dad-related rants. Including complaints about license plates, Burger King, and commercials. Adam finds a music bio that doesn’t drive him crazy.

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Hamburgers are not Sandwiches!

You’ll be arguing about hamburgers for days. Or not.

Mike describes a bizarre scam involving iPhones and gift cards.  And he gives us his expert opinion on hamburgers. Adam had a wild night… at Walmart. And, of course, yet another dad rant.

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Tuppence a Bag!

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag.

The boys are back discussing more nonsense. Including talks about weird old kids movies, bridezillas, and another addition of Old Man Mike’s rants. Don’t you want to help the bird woman, you greedy bastard? Just give her your tuppence!

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