Best Day Ever!

When you don’t know what to say, say it’s the best day ever.

Mike and Adam have a free-wheeling convo about all things. Or better put, they complain like men much older than themselves. At least they still have their hair… for now. Texas is up for lampooning, as is the crazies from Florida. Also, we hear some stellar accents. This is surely the best day ever.

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The Ponytail Manager

Never trust the guy with the ponytail!

Mike and Adam are back handing out life lessons to all you scrubs online. They discuss the importance of pixie sticks. We also spend a few seconds talking about our results. Then it’s on to complaining about slow drivers and a rude manager with a ponytail.

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Hugs Not Drugs

Remember that t-shirt from the 80’s? Slugs, not drugs?

The boys are back for another 40-ish minutes of mild hilarity. Mike tries to remember a shirt from the 80’s about drugs. Adam complains about a lady just trying to walk her dog. And they both dish on their father’s iconic accents. And there’s something about a couple from Florida.

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“I’m an Old Man!”

Wherein we reveal we are too old to correct children.

Mikey D and Adam “The Latin Lover” are back with a brand new episode of Better Than Reading. The boys are rusty, but they cobble together enough content to riff on swimming pools, toilet bowls, technology, and of course wedding photos. Plus, Mike is old and scares little children at the pool.

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On Fleek!

Full disclosure, we don’t know what fleek means.

The boys are back for another round of pop culture discussion, complaints against normal life, and some random nonsense. It’s a show so good, we’re totally on fleek. Radical man. Tubular.

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“Wagon Wheel” by Kevin MacLeod
“Gypsy Jazz In Paris 1935” by Brett Van Donsel