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Return of the Destin Hipster!

That’s right, we’re going after a hipster.

This week, Mike and Adam discuss the return of the one hipster in Destin, FL. What was he up to!? Also, Mike’s dad discovered the only authentic New York Italians in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. For reals.

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The Face of Fugly

You know fugly when you see it.

The boys reveal their agism as they complain about rude old people. Hey, just because you’re north of 50 doesn’t mean you can be a jerk! That’s our stance. They also discuss the horrific time they entered a smelly Apple Store. Be afraid. It gets pretty fugly.

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Hugs Not Drugs

Remember that t-shirt from the 80’s? Slugs, not drugs?

The boys are back for another 40-ish minutes of mild hilarity. Mike tries to remember a shirt from the 80’s about drugs. Adam complains about a lady just trying to walk her dog. And they both dish on their father’s iconic accents. And there’s something about a couple from Florida.

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“Look out for the Starbucks Webcam!”

Make sure your hair is done for the webcam!

The boys are back, bringing their usual brand of hilarious nonsense. This week they tackle big issues like visit Starbucks too often, product placement in music videos, and the dreaded beard tax. Also so good TV recommendations and follow up. Now we’ve got webcams at Starbucks? Geez!

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“Wagon Wheel” by Kevin MacLeod
“Gypsy Jazz In Paris 1935” by Brett Van Donsel