Long Walks in the Rain

Why is everyone so scared of the rain?

Mike and Adam discuss the incredibly low bar Amazon Echo has for dads. Did you know dads can take care of children!?? Will wonders never cease!? Also, an old man somehow gets on the podcast and complains about people getting upset about the rain. Seriously.

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The Face of Fugly

You know fugly when you see it.

The boys reveal their agism as they complain about rude old people. Hey, just because you’re north of 50 doesn’t mean you can be a jerk! That’s our stance. They also discuss the horrific time they entered a smelly Apple Store. Be afraid. It gets pretty fugly.

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Best Day Ever!

When you don’t know what to say, say it’s the best day ever.

Mike and Adam have a free-wheeling convo about all things. Or better put, they complain like men much older than themselves. At least they still have their hair… for now. Texas is up for lampooning, as is the crazies from Florida. Also, we hear some stellar accents. This is surely the best day ever.

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